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While AVLAKI believes fervently that the freshest organic extra virgin olive oils are the best for you, not only for their taste and aroma – but also for the myriad nutritional benefits from freshly milled fruit. Older oils can also be delicious if they have been kept properly – in a dark and cool place – and have not been oxidized. Open a bottle, smell the oil and take a taste – you will soon know if it has gone rancid.

We have a few cases left of our very finest oils which date back to the 2012/13 harvest (Best Before End 01/2015 – but probably fresher than many oils gracing the shelves of supermarkets). They have been selling like hot-cakes and no-one has complained about a drop in quality!

Oils from 2013/14 and 2014/15 are no longer available as they have all gone off to make an organic pure olive oil soap! (More information on when that will be ready as soon as we know!)

But we have stock left from 2015/16 – which only went past its so-called Best Before End at the end of February 2018. Which is now at a reduced price.

Best value is to buy a case of 6 bottles – and share with friends!

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