From Branch to Bottle: The Avlaki Difference

Choosing the right and high-quality olive oils for consumers be challenging. From organic to pure, virgin to extra virgin, hundreds of olive oils from dozens of countries are vying for your attention.

However, olive oil is not always what it seems. Many brands and supermarkets sell fake, mislabelled, and adulterated olive oils. This means that bottles of olive oil may be mixed with seed oil, lower-quality olives milled in poor conditions, or blends of oil from countries other than those shown on the label.

At Avlaki, provenance, authenticity, and quality have always been the priority. Our guarantee is of olives picked from single terrains, milled within 24 hours, and bottled to the highest international standards.

We’re transparent about how we harvest our olives and make our oils. All our bottles are labelled with a month and year of harvest, rather than having a ‘best before the date, which many producers do. We demonstrate our commitment by adding our names to every bottle of Avlaki olive oil, so you can be sure that what you are buying is completely authentic- from branch to bottle.

Finest Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Avlaki

Our organic olives are harvested by hand only in December when they are at their optimum taste. The olives are handled carefully, and the blemished fruits are removed. They are then milled, bottled, and shipped straight to the UK within weeks.

All of our olive oils are certified extra virgin and organic, registered vegan, and allergen-free. See our Olive Oil selections below:


Agatherí Groves

A “finishing oil” grown on high mountain groves with sophisticated flavours, exceptional light, and subtle on the palate.


Avlaki Groves

Our Avlaki Groves Olive Oil has a buttery, fruity, grassy yet peppery finish, beautifully complementing zesty dishes.


Lesvos Groves

Lesvos Groves is a superb blend for all culinary uses, with a light consistency and great taste.

All of our Olive Oils are available in 250ml and 500ml bottles. A box of 6 bottles in 250ml and 500ml is also available for those to prefer bulk orders. Our Lesvos Groves range is also available in 750ml bottles and 5l cans.

Shop our Extra Virgin Olive Oil ranges from the current harvest range to taster sets and special offer discounted range in our online store.

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