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To make soap from our very special Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils was the no-brainer natural progression to give a new life for our oils leftover from the harvests.

The method of making olive oil soap may be millennia old, and so-called olive oil soap somewhat ubiquitous – but, soap made from extra virgin olive oil, which is the very top quality of soap, and with very low acidity is not often seen commercially. Nor is a soap made purely with top-quality olive oil, without any other additions, surfactants, perfumes real or artificial.

AVLAKI Handmade organic olive oil soap has a beautifully creamy feel to the bar and a very ‘fresh’ smell;
(We do not add any artificial aromas). It makes hardly any foamy suds but leaves the skin (and hair) squeaky clean and, moreover, the skin well moisturised by the oil in the soap.

Perfect for these Covid days of hygiene when we are asked to wash our hands as frequently as we can.

The soap is as simple as possible for environmental reasons: for example – soapy suds (which are artificially created with added surfactants) can clog up the drains – especially in cold weather when the suds stick together with leaves and other detritus; artificial chemical aromas which perfume so many commercially advertised soaps as ‘pure’ ‘natural’ etc contribute to pollution in the air we have to breathe; and finally, there are so many extra ingredients in so-called olive oil soaps which will have travelled from across the globe, only add to the carbon footprint of each bar.

For 2 years, we tried unsuccessfully to find a manufacturer to make our soap in the traditional manner: most refused because their method
would only use 2% olive oil, bulking it out with all kinds of other anonymous ‘soap bases’.

Being handmade, our hard soaps can have slight differences in colour at the finish which comes from variations in the organic extra virgin oil.

AVLAKI’s Handmade Organic Olive Soap continues the Directors’ ethos of the guarantee of provenance, authenticity and quality in the Avlaki product.

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