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Olive Oil Set - The Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

Whilst hosting a dinner party or any celebratory event at home, trying to find the perfect thoughtful gift and, at the same time, something everyone would enjoy can be a little challenging.

As we get closer to the seasonal months with lots of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, now is the excellent time to start thinking about gift ideas! Luckily for you, a diamond in the rough has emerged to solve your problems - a gift that may not be what you expected.

Appropriate for all occasions, an olive oil gift set is the perfect option for a gift that provides class and elegance while not being too pricey. Read on to find out why.

Why an Olive Oil gift set?

Symbolically known as the “joy of the spirit”, this product has had a strong symbolic meaning throughout its history, and all its implications and connotations are beneficial. The gift of elegance for generations has been regarded as olive oil. Even Ulysses, the god of war is said to have provided tiny vials of extra virgin olive oil as the ideal hostess present.

The olive tree has been associated with abundance, tranquillity, and longevity for more than 4,000 years. The olive tree and its priceless fruit and oil have long played significant roles in society and were given as a gift by a goddess, cherished by ancient nations, and guarded by monarchs.

Zoom forward to the modern era, and olive oil is the gift that keeps giving. An olive oil gift set that guarantees high quality at affordable prices is a worthy choice for all occasions.

Olive oil will, therefore, always be a much-appreciated gift. This, combined with the multiple health benefits that olive oil provides, creates a unique and thoughtful experience.

Get your healthy fats from olive oil

Olive oils offer many beneficial fats!

11% of the oil in olive oil is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, while saturated fat makes up 11% of the oil. The rest of olive oil is made up of oleic acid – a fatty acid that dominates the composition of olive oil.

Oleic acid can lessen inflammation and even have positive effects on cancer-related genes. It is also suitable for cooking as the monounsaturated fats are highly heat resistant!

An essential staple to any dish

If you are looking to purchase an olive oil gift set but are unsure about where to start, we offer different types of gift sets:

  • Oil & vinegar gift set: including 250ml of extra virgin olive oil for all-purpose usage and 250ml of our pristine white balsamic vinegar produced in modest quantities by Navarino Icons.
  • Finishing oil gift set: A unique present that suits all occasions - each 250ml ‘finishing oil’ bottle comes in a nicely presented and wrapped box.
  • Taster Set: Two 100ml “finishing oils” bound together by a green thread.
  • Triplet Set: 100ml of every oil produced by Avlaki, including: “finishing” oils, single-terrain oils and the Lesvos Groves blend of oils for general use.

Greek olive oil is a highly underrated gift and is a perfect choice for anyone looking to spice up their gift-giving. Find the perfect olive oil gift sets in our online shop, and whilst you are there why not explore our organic olive oil soap range- also fantastic for gifting!

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